Streaming Partnership


Streaming Partnership:
While the primary focus of Kantipur Cinemas is producting and streaming original content, the platform also welcomes collaborations with corporate and independent filmmakers, providing them a platform to share their ready-to-release films and series globally with a wider audience.
We kantipur cinemas mainly focus on releasing our production film video contents subscription and premium both models. Content producers or owners can sell whole digital rights or can sell only OTT rights to Kantipur Cinemas. or they can release on our platform as premium content too for a limited time frame. In this model, we provide a professional dashboard with log-in and give a measure of shares to the content owners.

Importantly, we only release, accept, or give our product to the outer production or producers if all requirements are met and our QC and business departments approve. For that, we encourage you to send treatment and firstlook, teaser and trailer, budgeting and productions profile to

We would love to be a strong partner and would like to promote and reach Nepali original captivating stories worldwide.