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What is Kantipur Cinemas?

Kantipur Cinemas is an Over-the-Top (OTT) platform company managed by the Kantipur Film Academy. Its primary mission is to enrich the visual storytelling experience and facilitate global access to Nepali cinema in a user-friendly manner. Kantipur Cinemas mainly  produces films and series, secures digital rights, and streams content globally.



How can I find Kantipur Cinemas?

Kantipur Cinemas is accessible worldwide through the website on internet-connected computers, laptops, or tablet devices. Additionally, viewers can download the app on their smartphones (Android and iOS), create an account, and subscribe monthly or annually.



How much is the subscription to Kantipur Cinemas, and what are the payment methods?

Subscription to Kantipur Cinemas is priced at Nepali Rupees 299 per month and Nepali Rupees 2999 per year. Payment methods include Esewa, Khalti, IME Pay, Prabhu Pay, Hamro Pay for users in Nepal, and PayPal, Visa card  and Mastercard for users outside of Nepal.



Why subscribe to Kantipur Cinemas?

Kantipur Cinemas stands as Nepal's premier OTT platform with a subscription model. It offers exclusive content, including films and series unavailable on other platforms or YouTube. Moreover, new contents are released weekly, and the platform ensures an ad-free viewing experience.



How do you subscribe to Kantipur Cinemas?

To subscribe to Kantipur Cinemas, mobile users can visit the Play Store or App Store, download the Kantipur Cinemas app, while computer, tablet, and laptop users can log in through their web browsers. Upon account creation with an email ID or phone number and a memorable password, users can select desired movies and series and proceed with payment.



What to do if the provided method is not available ?

In the event that the available payment options are not viable or users encounter payment difficulties, they can reach out to our support team via Kantipur Cinemas' Facebook page, Instagram, or WhatsApp at +977-9802356113. You can also contact us directly at +977-15245013  We are committed to providing alternative payment methods for enhanced convenience.


Feel free to reach out if you require further assistance or clarification!