About Us


Kantipur Cinemas is Nepal's largest OTT platform, offering a wide range of premium, high-quality Nepali-originated movies, web series, and authentic short films to Nepali audiences worldwide. With a monthly subscription model, Kantipur Cinemas aims to provide fresh content every week and easy access to content anytime, anywhere, enhancing the viewing experience for Nepali audiences.


The concept and idea of Nepali OTT Platform Kantipur Cinemas were built in 2017; later, it was officially registered and founded in March 2018. After being technologically prepared and producing its own original contents, it took a few years and was officially announced and launched on October 16, 2023, by former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli . After releasing its beta and trial versions for a few months, we finally released our full-phase platform on March 8, 2024.


Seamless streaming is at the heart of Kantipur Cinemas, allowing subscribers to enjoy their favorite movies and desires on various devices, including smartphones (Android and iOS), tablets, PCs, laptops, and any other internet-connected device through an app, Chromecast, and website. The platform is designed to ensure a smooth and immersive entertainment experience for its users.

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