Drama , 2024-04-24 . 15:55

(4 / 5)


Alok is a shy elementary school student from a middle-class family . He somehow always manages to lose his pencil and continuously gets picked on, bullied, and mistreated not only by his classmates, but also his teachers and his own father. One day, after finding out that his classmates have been the ones behind the missing pencil, it is all too much for Alok to handle. He bursts out in anger, leading him to do some unexpected things as he attempts to get his pencil back.


Pencil is something which connects us and brings back our memories from our childhood

Writer :

Prakash Puri

Director :

Ashish Bhandari

Director Of Photography :

Ashish Ghimire

Editor :

Dipendra Malla

Music :

Rohit Shakya

Producer :

Gupta Bahadur Bhandari

Cast :

Himal Khadka , Rambabu Regmi , Sajana Thapa , Hem Prabhash , Jimi Tamang , Prashant Thapa , Sonam Tamang , Dishan Gurung

Genre :