Nepali Fiction (18+ Uncensored)

Drama , Comedy , 2024-06-07 . 00:43:00

(4 / 5)


Two immature drug dealers go to the house of their boss, but the boss takes violent action towards them after knowing that they have been stealing from him all this time.


Nepali Fiction is a Nepali independent film written and directed by Devendra Khatri and presented by the Kantipur Film Academy. Recently it has won “Nepal Panorama Fiction Film” category in Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF). This film was a collaborative visual creation of passionate Nepali film students and aspiring actors. The film has a 44-minute length on the basis of gangstar comedy drama. This film premiered for the first time as a public show in theaters on February 14, 2024, and now it's exclusively streaming in Kantipur Cinemas.

Writer :

Devendra Khatri (KFA)

Director :

Devendra Khatri

Director Of Photography :

Ashish Ghimire

Editor :

Sajal Lopchan

Music :

Sailesh Shrestha

Producer :

Kantipur Film Academy

Cast :

Sanjog Rasaili , Ruja Raut , Bimal Puri , Supragya Sharma , Rupesh Dahal

Genre :

Drama , Comedy