Mystery , Drama , 2024-03-08 . 01:49:52

(4 / 5)


Struggling to find himself, a man's suicide attempt sets off a journey of self-discovery as his close ones race to uncover the hidden pain. Aayush struggles to find his true self resulting in various homicidal thoughts and attempts. To find the reason behind his attempt, his friends and family try their best to help him in the best way possible.


Nepali Film MA is a suspense drama produced by Kantipur Cinemas and presented by the Kantipur Film Academy. The story of the MA is inspired by an extraordinary real story. The film was shot in 2022 and officially released in theaters on August 5, 2022. This film is now exclusively screening in Kantipur cinemas.

Writer :

Prakash Puri

Director :

Subarna Thapa

Director Of Photography :

Tenzin Palden

Editor :

Banish Shah

Music :

Iman Bikram Shah

Producer :

Bimala Humagain

Cast :

Nirajan Pradhan , Nisha Adhikari , Sabin Shrestha , Rubina Thapa , Saroj Khanal , Sanjog Rasaili , Poonam Shrestha

Genre :

Mystery , Drama